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Based in Hertfordshire, Trotters Equine was founded in 2004 by Ian Hartfield, who realised that choices were limited for horse-lovers who wanted to spoil their steeds without breaking the bank. Dogs had baskets and cats had fluffy mice, but there were few fun, quality accessories in the equestrian market, presumably because horses were seen as serious business rather than loving members of the family who deserved to be pampered once in a while. So with an expert background in manufacturing everything from motorcycle racing tyre warmers to vehicle graphics, Ian set about producing stable door name plates for a handful of horse-owning friends. In fact he first started trading under Stable Door Name Plates a factual, no-nonsense business name if ever there was one.

He was later joined by professional designer Sue Michniewicz who brought flair and vision to complement Ians hands-on approach and, with the help of a name-change to something a little catchier, Trotters Equine has gone from strength-to-strength with annual appearances at the Olympia Horse Show in London and orders coming in every day from across the world. What started as the occasional name plate here and there has developed in to orders for entire paddocks around the globe.

But what makes a typical Trotters Equine customer these days?

Well, there isnt one. Ian and Sue handle enquiries from youngsters about to get their first rescue pony to race team owners who want that professional and consistent look to show they mean business. The beauty of Trotters Equine is that, as they say, no job is too big or too small and every order is treated with the same attention to detail regardless of its size.